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After the morning session was Over I went back to work and about half way thru it began to pour and I got soaked. I was out on the course shagging cones with only a thin wind breaker and a baseball hat. I was not looking forward to the afternoon runs as the course was covered in standing water. My friend dropped off the rain gear but I was pretty wet by the time I got back to the car. The tarp kept the car dry inside at least. By the time I got ready to run, it begun to rain hard and I was WET. I thought about bailing, but I figured that I was going to get wet hooking up and going home, so why not run? I skipped the belt adjustment and just went for in in the afternoon session. On my second run, the belt snapped, so I coasted in a loaded up to go home. I got lots of positive comments (Although I think most people thought I was crazy) and Ill be better prepared next time. I got soaked, but it was fun! And it torrentailly downpoared on the way home so the GS got a good bath!
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