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Second run was better, no cones hit and a 97 second run. I told my instructor (he drives an MR2) that he could take it out. This would allow me to see the nuances of mid engine driving. I'm so used to heavy cars with rear wheel drive (mustang) that I'm going to have to unlearn some of that for the GS. He also stayed in second just to show me the line but he easily turned a 91 second run. After his run, I noticed the oil temp had climbed to 230. I thought it was getting too hot so I coasted in after the run. They started kind of rushed me into my next run and about quarter of the way the engine started clattering. That got my attention, my first thought was that the oil had thinned out and the lifters had started to bleed down. It started to get worse, and I saw the oil temp had hit 280! My first thought was that third gear would keep the fan going and lower the revs. As I put the clutch in the engine died. When I hit 3rd it started again, and I saw the oil temp was not dropping, so I shut off and coasted in. By the time I pushed it back to my pit, the oil temp was 240. I did not attempt to start the car. After about 2 hours, when I returned from my work assignment, the oil temp was below 120. I checked the oil, and it looked kinda thin, but was less than half a quart low. When I tried to start it, was hard to start. Once I got it running, it kept stalling. Then it stopped. Just stopped. Locked up. I put the car in 4th and tried rocking it. Nothin'. So I blew up the old 102.
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