Powdercoating Examples

If you are interested in having items powdercoated please send email to Me and I will contact you.

BMW Wheels In Black Chrome and Clear Coat:

Ford Focus Wheel in Super Mirror Black:

SAAB 9-5 Aero Wheel in Wheel Silver:

BMW DSII Wheels in Wheel Silver:

Enkei NT03 Wheel in Gun Metal Grey:

Porsche Cookie Cutter Wheels  Powder coated in Satin Black:

Ford FR500 Replicas.  17x9 and 17x10.5" in Satin Black with polished lips.


Miata Team Dynamics wheel in Super Mirror Black:

Ford Mustang 5.0 Intake in Anthracite:

Mustang 5.0 Engine Plaque in Super Mirror Black:

Porsche/VW Front and Rear Calipers, caliper brackets  Powder Coated in Blood Red, Spindles in Super Mirror Black:

Front Trailing arms Powdercoated in Satin Black:

Spindles, rotors, trailing arms, and calipers Powdercoated in Satin Black and Blood red:


Ford 5.0 Mustang Accessory Brackets and Pullies in Satin Black:


Mazda Miata Suspension in Super Mirror Black:


Police Call box powdercoated in Ford Engine Blue (inside and out)


Mustang 5.0 Brackets in Super Mirror Black:

Deserter GS Cyclone Headers in High Temperature Silver:

Corvair Distributor in Sheen Black:

Ford Cobra 4V Valve Covers in Wheel Silver:

Ford Cobra 4V Timing Cover in Wheel Silver:

Mustang 5.0 Valve Covers in Ford Engine Dark Blue:


Custom Recaro Seat base in Sheen Black:

BMW E36 M3 Front Brake Caliper in Blood Red:

BMW M3 Rear Calipers in Blood Red:

BMW M3 Rear Subframe, swaybar, control arm and brake brackets in Satin Black Urethane:

BMW M3 swaybar brackets in Satin Black:

BMW M3 Racing Dynamics Swaybars in Mint Green TGIC:

Guitar Pedal Board plates in Super Mirror Orange:

Snowmobile cylinder in Super Mirror Black:

Corvair Fan, Pulley, belt guard and misc parts powder coated in Satin Black:

Mustang SN95 Spindles powder coated Super Mirror Black:

Volkswagen Karman Ghia Spindles after  Powder coat in Satin Black: