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Sources of More information

Deserter Owners Group - The best place to learn more about the Deserter GS
Bob Elliott's Site, the DOG house
Alex Dearborn's site (he now restores Mercedes-Benz)

Other GS owners

Chuck Ribblett
Bob Elliott
Jeff Gum
Mike Ragnonese
Pete Callaway
John Ryall

Places to buy Parts/service

Clarks Corvair Parts
Vinatge VW - Jim Wolcott can get the VW parts you need or restore your whole car
Rear Engine Specialists - Steve Goodman is a super nice guy
Bob Coffin's THE SHOP
Seth Emerson's Silicone Wire systems
Larry Claypool's The Vair Shop
Kennedy Engineered Components - Engine adapters
DeNunzio Racing (Cable shifter - Ask for Herman)
Corvair Underground
CB Performance
Rancho Transaxles

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