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1969 Autodynamics Deserter GS 


History and Info  

As Purchased 2001 

JMAR Shifter install 2002

Cable Shifter, Motor Mount and Air Cleaners 2003  

First AutoX Summer 2003  

New Metalflake Paint Job 2005 

Heat Shield and Dash Mockup.  Newly resealed 95hp installed. 2006  

New exhaust, oil cooler, hydraulic clutch and heat shields 2007-2008 

Rebuild of Suspension and Disk Brakes 2008-2009

New 1965 Corvair 140hp engine build - Crown manifolds, Weber IDA3Cs, reverse rotation 2009-?

1965 Corvair rebuilt NOS Engine (Engine #2). 140HP, 140x1, standard rotation 2011

Change of Direction!  Reversing the 65 Corvair Engine (Engine#2) and a FULL rebuild. 2012

Reversing the VW swingaxle transaxle.  Reseal and powdercoat rear suspension. 2012

Final Installation and plumbing of the Rebuilt 140 (engine#2). 2013

 I do powdercoating at home.  Examples and Samples Need something done?  Email me!


 I drove a NASCAR Modified back in  July 2006



 AutoX Pics My Mad Skillz in action





I have been sim racing online for a few years now.  Here are some Do it yourself Gaming Cockpits


1987 Ford Mustang LX

Action Shots

Engine reseal, torque arm and subframe connectors - 2010 


1998 BMW M3 

M3 Pics 

1966 Plymouth Barracuda Pics


The annual VW-Corvair show in Shrewsbury, MA:

 Volks-Vair 2003 Aug 2003

 Volks-Vair 2004 Aug 2004

 Volks-Vair 2005 Aug 2005

 Volks-Vair 2006 Aug 2006

 Volks-Vair 2007 Aug 2007

 Volks-Vair 2008 Aug 2008

 Volks-Vair 2009 Aug 2009

 Volks-Vair 2010 Aug 2010






1999 Ducati Monster 900


1963 Vespa GL 150 Pics  

Former Cars:

2006 BMW 330i



I need to sell my 2000 Ski-doo MXZ 700. Action Shots